Ebook readers

Although I’m an almost obsessive bibliophile and love more books in their paper form, since I travel a lot, I decided to buy an ebooks‘ reader to bring with me a number of texts, not least those made by me during my endless wanderings in the internet.

The choice fell on a product just come […]

Internet Manifesto

How journalism works today. Seventeen declarations.

1. The Internet is different.

It produces different public spheres, different terms of trade and different cultural skills. The media must adapt their work methods to today’s technological reality instead of ignoring or challenging it. It is their […]


If it was not a demonstration of high incivility could be grotesque implications in the fact that all media organizations, without exception, we have presented an image of transsexuals as that of people who devote themselves exclusively to the borderline prostitution and drug dealing and drug use. It’s much alike as […]


Again Italian government has denied access to this drug to women. Paradoxical that this issue has been treated by the chambers which, remember, represent the political power and not a technical body in the service of medicine. The majority of deputies and senators are acting as doctors? But even more ironic […]


I’ve always had the genuine opinion that the whole mafia issue has been treated inadequately as a whole. Fighting mafia can’t be the outcome of isolated initiatives and actions scattered without coordination. This approach can’t work against mechanisms, like those criminal organizations that have their own organizational structures and a sort […]