Everything begins here

What begins is of course only the decision to open a small place to share content, thoughts, documents, curiosities, passions,

I’ve always been curious and this has prompted me to be a frequenter of the network since its first steps in our continent where the access was through the first BBS and first of all by the radio packet.

I had decided to participate too, but never so directly to the masses to share information and thoughts that were not the pure electronic mail, if it were not for the decisive impulse and perhaps something more than just a pulse in a friend who has opened the front door complete with red carpet of a CMS and the opportunity to publish on the Internet.

This friend is Bruno and besides being a true expert of the technical networks, has proved an eclectic intellectual on all the aspects of the social world of information linked to the network. Take advantage of this short paragraph to include a picture of Bruno and to make him a little advertising as I think a person of his calibre deserves.