I’ve always had the genuine opinion that the whole mafia issue has been treated inadequately as a whole. Fighting mafia can’t be the outcome of isolated initiatives and actions scattered without coordination. This approach can’t work against mechanisms, like those criminal organizations that have their own organizational structures and a sort of intrinsic coherence, not to talk about their capability to count on huge and solid financial and human resources. For these reasons an unilateral action against mafia will never be fully effective, fighting only with magistracy and police forces will never achieve sound results. Their action shall be all over the place and be not only repressive or sanctioning, but supporting and protecting all those social agents that concur to develop anti-mafia individuals, like the school, voluntary associations, social groups, work environments, political groups and administrative structures that are explicitly and by definition against mafia.

Wanting to compare mafia with a cancer at the liver, we could say that’s no point in removing surgically the liver because our body can’t survive without it. If we find the way to assist the surgery with a treatment with staminal cells that helps to regenerate the “good” cells of the liver we could resolve the liver cancer without killing the patient or mutilate irreparably.

The political parties are, by nature, a social group that shall be on the forefront in this battlefield, because it’s from political parties that comes the future leadership of a country . Developing political organs that refuse clearly every kind of collusion with mafia and expel all those that are suspected of flanking organized criminality. Nobody shall play the dirty game of false populism saying that they leave to the citizens the responsibility of through the democratic vote, whether to elect a questionable personality.

Culture can play a major role in the fight against the Mafia. History speaks plainly in this sense, we all know that the Mafia has always recruited its human resources and not just the foot soldiers using vast reservoirs of low cultural development. But academics have invested so feel a certain responsibility ‘in this sense and I would be in agreement with Saviano recalls when, by his example, even before the sun with exhortations, writers face a penalty that should all be aware a responsibility of a cultural nature which are incurred in the use of the word.

“For criminal organizations have bothered you my reader, not me. My reader is not what they want, the fact that right now we’re talking about, who have spoken in all the newspapers, which continue to come out books, documentaries continue to be born, is all that they do not want, is the ‘attention on them, their names, especially on their business’
(Roberto Saviano in his book “Gomorra”)

This is one of several phrases that made me think that more and more convinced me of the power of the word.

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