Winter, keep fit for celestial navigation

If you have tried celestial navigation, and you have become an enthusiast, you may have discovered that in order to have a certain confidence with such discipline you have to keep trained as for any other discipline. Nothing better then using your own Star Finder and build a simple tool that will give you […]

Gas for my stove on board

One of the most popular and practical fuels, for kitchens on board of our cruise boats in the Mediterranean, is the LPG. This mixture of relatively light hydrocarbons, composed of a majority of propane and minor amounts of butane, has the advantage that it can be stored in the liquid state in cylinders at relatively […]

A wearable EPIRB antenna

A quite recent piece of news from ESA (the European Space Agency), shows a washable/wearable antenna that can resist made from highly flexible, lightweight material that is robust against water exposure and moist conditions, and resistant to wear and tear. Such antenna works on the UHF frequencies of the COSPAS SARSAT satellite system, the same […]

Celestial navigation in a Christmas ball

Many of you, once become acquainted in celestial navigation, have found some difficulties in explaining to others the mechanics of celestial motions and the relationships between terrestrial coordinates and celestial coordinates. But what has to do this with Christmas?

It’s right in this period of the year that, rushing around for shopping in some DIY […]

How precise is the time from GPS?

During one of my recent passages, while checking a few LOP of stars by comparing them to the position shown by the GPS receiver, my eye fell upon the time displayed on the screen of the GPS and found it very different (14 seconds fast), from that of my radio-controlled wristwatch, the same that I […]

Seacocks, mixed blessing

It is part of normal maintenance, dealing with the various seacocks on the hull of our boat. Almost all of them, when above the inch in diameter, tend to get stuck due to deposits of limestone or vegetation and fauna at the inlet side. Among all, the most sensitive to this phenomenon are ball valves, […]

Japan earthquake, all stations, prudence!

Following the dramatic earthquake that struck Japan near Sendai JA1RL, the JARL HQ station, has asked all the radioamateurs community to keep clear and avoid any emission that could cause interference to the emergency frequencies as follows: 3.525, 7.030, 7.077, 7.087, 7.097, 14.100, 21.200 and 28.200 MHz. Moreover, Toru Tanaka, JR3QHQ — the JARL Branch […]

Re-silvering Sextant mirrors? Better to aluminize them

Sooner or later the silvering on the mirror of your sextant will start fading away, eventually making the instrument unusable (and worthless). Even a well maintained and lubricated sextant, the nature of the marine environment makes the issue (of fading mirror silvering) the most serious problem encountered in its use. When you see small pieces […]

Ubuntu the lucid lynx has come

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS has been released according to the plans. For those that are new to the world of open source and moreover to Ubuntu, LTS means Long Term Support that stands for a version that will be supported in terms of updates and maintenance for three years. This latter makes it the most suitable […]


Despite the Comet 111 is a boat that although can still boast many owners , or at least admirers, is not so often mentioned by the media as it has been done more times for her sister Comet 11. These pages will be dedicated to those who would point out articles, reviews, comments, and publish […]